Membership roster of member bands, contact us for information on how to be added

The Big Jangle – San Francisco Bay Area Band dedicated to playing all things Tom Petty

GarageLand Rodeo – Don’t let the name fool you. Garageland Rodeo is neither a garage band nor country band. They’re a free-wheeling, 6-7-piece powerhouse that revels in playing rock and blues, with a lot of soul…What could possibly go wrong?

The KillBillies – United around a central theme: “Good Time American Music”, KillBillies’ set lists can include songs from the 1920’s through the present day. Certain songs are timeless, they’re in our collective DNA and it’s our mission to keep these tunes alive.

The New Frantics – a 5-piece Rock-Roll-Groove band that brings feel-good upbeat music covers from the 60’s to today and catchy originals that fans old and new alike, love!

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